Thuvian History

In ancient times the expanse of desert now known as Thuvia was the domain of the Tekritanin League, a group of city states allied with Osirion against the Jistka Imperium to the west. The League was eventually folded into Osirion’s empire and renamed Thuvia, but when Osirion collapsed, it ceded control over the land through negligence and the region fell into anarchy. Peace was not restored until Artokus Kirran of Merab discovered an alchemical use for the famous sun orchid. Merab, knowing the value of the discovery and the danger it would bring, sought the military aid of four other city-states. The act restored a semblance of unity and civilization to the area and it officially became the nation of Thuvia.

This unity is maintained by a sharing of the profits from the sun orchid elixir. Six vials of the immortality potion are produced every year. These are then sent to one of the five city-states (rotating in turn) and an auction is held as part of a week-long festival. The production and sale of this elixir is the main source of income for each of the city-states and, indeed, much of Thuvia’s entire economy. It is therefore the direct responsibility of each city-state to safeguard it’s own shipment with the alliance really only coming to bear against foreign powers and having little involvement or association with regards to the internal affairs of the country.

During the time of Osirion’s reign, the House of Oblivion was constructed in the heart of Thuvia’s desert as part of a bribe by the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues to bring Ahriman into Golarion and onto his side. The bribe worked and, although the demigod eventually abandoned the god-king, Ahriman remains all but forgotten in his black palace. The deserts have become a perilous wasteland, home to hundreds of horrors, which none dare travel.

Tekritanin League

House of Oblivion

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Thuvian History

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