Thuvian Geography

Bordered on the east and west by the Uta and Junira rivers respectively, on the south by the Barrier Wall Mountains, and the north by the Inner Sea, Thuvia is a vast desert of blazing sands with few features. It is, however, the only place in all Golarion where the sun orchid, key ingredient of the sun orchid elixir, grows. The flower can only be found deep in the desert’s heart, in sight of the House of Oblivion, meaning that gathering it all but guarantees conflict with the Divs surrounding that monolith.

Politically, Thuvia is divided into five prominent city-states, with Merab being both the best known and the most powerful, despite pretenses that all five are equal. These five are unified by an alliance surrounding the sun orchid elixir. The Citadel of the Alchemist, built in the Barrier Wall Mountains, protects the alchemist who makes the potion and guards the secret of it’s creation. The interior between these five city-states is “ruled” by various thuggish warlords, known as the Water Lords.






The Citadel of the Alchemist

Water Lords

House of Oblivion

Cathedral of Claws

The Shouk

Wyvern’s Roost


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Thuvian Geography

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