Rahadoum, once the Jistka Imperium, has had a long and tumultuous history. Although it initially competed with Osirion, first to be the reestablishment of civilization after Earthfall and then militarily, it lost to it’s eastern foe and fell into a second dark age. Eventually religious expansion brought some of Golarion’s most brutal conflicts to the scattered city-states existing in the wake of the Imperium.

The Oath Wars, as they would be called, raged afor more than a century before a violent reactionary movement unified the disparate peoples into the nation of Rahadoum and purged religion from the land. To this day the country remains the only nation on Golarion that has completely banned the worship of the gods, with clerics or anyone bearing a holy symbol forcibly turned away. A small black market trade in religious items has arisen, but the penalties are severe enough to dissuade all but a few from such endeavors.

Rahadoum is Thuvia’s eastern neighbor and shares the Uta river as a border with that nation.

Jistka Imperium


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