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Pashow is the smallest and least influential of Thuvia’s five city-states. Being, as it is, located towards the center of Thuvia’s southern edge, Pashow has little impact on the nation’s foreign dealings, but it still serves an important role as the last line of defense before an attacker reaches the Citadel of the Alchemist.

Despite teleportation being strangely unreliable in the heart of Thuvia, the city-state of Pashow typically relies on magic to procure it’s shipment of the Sun Orchid Elixir. The proximity of the two locales seems to have been enough to avert magic’s capricious nature. Until recently. Pashow’s last two shipments of elixir have gone missing (along with the escorts), crippling the city’s income.

As a result, Emir Guldis, current ruler of Pashow, faces political unrest. A faction of the population seeks to replace him with another, most notably Ziralia. To combat this upheaval, and in an effort to avoid further repetition of the event, Guldis has been seeking adventurers willing to mimic the event and discover what’s become of those who were supposed to bring the elixir.

As the most magically talented of Thuvia’s city-states, the people of Pashow typically worship the god Nethys above all others. They rely heavily on magic for their survival in the middle of the desert, being all but cut off from trade. A popular bogey-man story used to frighten children of Pashow into behaving tells of a blue dragon who gobbles bad boys and girls and dwells in the caves beneath the city. Despite the nature of the tale, this was one of the first avenues investigated by the city into where the potions could have gone. No sign of a dragon’s existence was found in the large cavern network.


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