House of Oblivion

This massive, black castle stands in the deepest part of the Thuvian desert. Words like ominous and foreboding spring instantly to the minds of those adventurers who glimpse it while hunting the Sun Orchid. Completed in -3475 AR, the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues built the palace as a lure for Ahriman. When the demigod came to Golarion, he brought with him the army of Divs which still occupies much of the Thuvian desert.

With Ahriman’s help, the Paraoh of Dark Plagues was able to shatter once and for all the Jistka Imperium in an act which would earn that ruler his name. When Ahriman suddenly withdrew his aid, decades later, however, the Pharaoh lost his position and was overthrown.

Over the millenia, the House has remained reasonably quiet and most have forgotten that the demigod dwells within. Only the record of dusty tomes and the countless dangers of the desert serve as reminders of the dark presence that rules the heart of Thuvia.


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House of Oblivion

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