Character Creation

Throngs flock to Pashow as it prepares to host the auction of the Sun Orchid Elixir. Entertainers, vendors, tourists, and bidders flood the Thuvian city-state. Even with nearly a month to go before the bidding, tents have already begun to line every street and stages stand at every corner. Along with the masses come thousands looking for work. You are one of this number. While in Passhow a notice has caught your eye, posted by one Seemi Qadi and calling for adventurous souls willing to brave the desert sands in search of the elusive Sun Orchid.


There are a number of guidelines to follow when generating characters for Eternity.

Ability Scores: We will be using the High Fantasy point buy system for ability score generation. This gives you 20 points to invest in your stats.

Classes: All classes other than Anti-Paladin are permissible in this campaign. All archetypes are allowed. When deciding on a class, remember the genre of the campaign. Ninja and Samurai are more appropriate in Tian Xia than Garund, for example. This is not to say that these are forbidden, but you should have an explanation why your character is in Thuvia. Anything too outlandish or poorly explained may be vetoed by the GM.

Races: Humans are by far the most common race in Thuvia. Any other race you would like to play (including those from Advanced Races) will be allowed, but will require justification as to what brings them to Thuvia.

Experience: We will be using the fast XP track for this campaign. If creating a character above 1st level, be sure to include in your background how you earned your current level. Your GM will provide you with your starting XP total, but as a rule of thumb new characters will begin either at the minimum XP to achieve the party’s current APL or half-way through the next level below the APL, depending on the party’s average current progress through their level.

Background: While Eternity: An Ocean in a Storm will be a story-centric campaign, it is important to know where your character comes from and how that affects who they are. Bonus Hero Points and possibly XP will be awarded for detailed backgrounds. In addition, you should provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Why did your character come to Thuvia?
  2. What is your character’s highest hope?
  3. What does your character fear most?
  4. Who is the person who matters most to your character?
  5. What are your character’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  6. What is one (or more) secret your character keeps?
  7. What secret about your character do they not know?

In crafting this backstory, remember the following:

- Traits: You may select any three traits for your character, but no more than one from any given category. You may not select campaign traits from other campaigns without specific approval from the GM. The Pathfinder SRD is an excellent resource for finding what traits are available.

- Alignment: Any non-evil alignment is allowed without question. If driven to play an evil alignment, discuss this with your GM. It will need to be explained.

- Deity: Golarion has a well formed belief system. You may pick any of the deities or other faiths that suit your character. An awareness of how certain beliefs are viewed in Garund may be beneficial.

Character sheets, complete with background, should be completed no later than one week before the first session the character would participate in so that the GM can review them and ask for clarifications or changes. Before this date, you can contact me with any questions or negotiations you’d like to. Most importantly, remember to create a character you will enjoy!


House Rules

Character Creation

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