Tag: Pashow


  • Seemi Qadi

    An immigrant from Osirion, Seemi has taken to hunting the sun orchid for two reasons: the vast amounts of money that can be obtained from the sale of these flowers to the Citadel and his love of the festivals thrown in honor of the elixir's auctions.

  • Emir Guldis

    Guldis is a young man relatively new to the position of Emir of Pashow. It was Guldis who made the decision to teleport Pashow's vials directly from [[The Citadel of the Alchemist]], something previously forbidden because of the magic's ability to go …

  • Ziralia

    Ziralia shares [[:prince-zinlo | her father]]'s ambition and charisma but until very recently managed to keep largely out of the spotlight. That changed when murmurs of unrest started circling in [[Pashow]] after [[:emir-guldis]] was blamed for the …

  • Ashran

    Ashran, although a wizard of at least some skill, ran a small emporium of potions, charms, and prophecies, all fake. He employed members of a thieves' guild in Pashow to steal [[:seemi-qadi | Seemi Qadi's]] map. When the map was retrieved, it was …