Hasim al Hala, The Scion

Champion. Seeker. Servant.


“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”
― Agnes De Mille


“Hasim was always very pretty, for a boy—if plain for an Aasimar. I think he was always jealous of his sister’s looks . . .”
Hasim stands 5’11", lean and agile of build, he moves with ease and grace unbefitting a warrior. Though he appears as a human, of scant 23 years, Hasim has a sort of preternatural beauty in his manner, a symmetry that can only be the product of his Aasimar heritage. His hair is long, a deep flowing black, kept neatly back by a loose bun; his face is cleanly shaved. His skin is a deep bronze, free of blemish and unspotted by the sun. Most striking are his eyes, a burnished gold hue that spark and shine as they reflect the light of morning. He wears the loose and flowing clothes of a man accustomed to the desert, and in battle dons armor vested in the gold, blue, and red that marks a cleric of the Dawnflower; the celestial ankh presented in a rosary wrapped around his knife arm. In battle the cleric wields a long bladed dagger—the steel swirling in constant motion, like the feet of its wielder.


“We danced often—and he was quite a dancer. But he swore an oath. Men are always swearing oaths. Hasim more than most could never cope with feeling helpless.”
- Ruwa

Hasim is a cleric of Sarenrae, native to Lamasara and Thuvia. He has adventured in eastern Thuvia and Osirian for some years, and is experienced in custom, travel, and religion within the area. He never misses a Sun Orchid festival.
Hasim is patient, friendly, and good natured. Quick to laugh, and always eager to indulge in merrymaking, Hasim embodies the spirit of Lamasara. Though his words are often well measured, his young blood is yet hot and he pursues life and adventure with zeal. Hasim is eager to make friends, and thrives on building connections with others.

Signature Items:

“This knife was given to me by Mala, Hasim’s mother. This shield, by Shah when we parted at the outskirts of Rahadoum. The Hala revere their weapons; Hasim is no different.”
- Ruwa



Finely crafted, Hasim’s dagger is always polished to a shine. He wields the knife under-handed, as one practiced in close combat. Hasim’s fighting style is disciplined but abandoned: his dagger is in constant, urgent motion—but it never strikes in haste. Flourishes, juggles, and hypnotically embellished feints are his trademarks. The long, curved dagger has a handle carved from ivory. The blade itself is inlaid with gold, the words “GLORY” and “FLAME” inscribed in Celestial script.


Dawnflower Scimitar

Hasim’s scimitar nears a ceremonial sword in appearance, its value and quality both obvious. The hilt is inlaid with a golden ankh of Sarenrae, the blade inscribed with Celestial glyphs that proclaim: “LIGHT AND TRUTH.” Hasim does not wield the blade in combat; rather he uses it as part of his morning devotional. In an unorthodox ritual, Hasim performs phrases from a complex sword-dance each day at dawn. He whirls, spins, and balances the scimitar with some skill, but it is clear he is still working to master the fine control of the blade required for several of the steps.

Hasim al Hala, The Scion

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