Al Alaqua, The Outcast

Abhuman. Freedman. Thug.

“When a person is born, he can embark on only one of three roads of life: if you go right, the wolves will eat you; if you go left, you’ll eat the wolves; if you go straight, you’ll eat yourself." – Anton Chekhov



Standing a heavily stooped six feet, Al Alaqua’s body is a tense assemblage of ropy muscle, knotted tendons, and welted scar tissue crossing near-translucent skin. He lopes along with a smooth, hunched gait, clawed hands always open and up, eyes darting and aware. This manner and body, Combined with the patchy, ash-grey hair covering his brutal, batlike head and fanged jaw – doubtless a product of his Dhampir nature, lend him the unnerving appearance of a worried beast – on guard for dangers lurking in unknown corners.

Al Alaqua’s eyes – sitting in his deeply shadowed sockets are wide and darting. In the day they squint against the glare of the sun, and are tiny oval of black in a white expanse – a predator’s eyes, like a hawk. But at night, they roam outward – swiftly shifting about, and the dark oval at their center expands until their is nothing else.

He wears the traditional izaar of a native desert-dweller, belted by a worked bronze belt and clasp and a leather vest – clearly designed entirely for protection, not form (and it shows the signs of much wear and repair). Over this he wears a larger, billowing sleeveless robe wrapped around himself, as well as a tagelmust. All of his fabric garments are of a light woven cotton, heavily very heavily dry-dyed in powdered indigo – which you have seen leeched into streaks of Al Alaqua’s skin the few times you have he has gone without his head wrap or robe.

In combat, the Dhampir wields a blackened iron punch-dagger: the weapon of a street thug of the marketplace alleys, designed to gut a man without him seeing the blade or making a sound, or to press against a body and threaten. At range, he hurls wood and bronze javelins from a wicker quiver, clearly more a hunting tool, but with the heavily muscled arms of the Outcast behind them, they often pierce armor and slay their target. And though you have only seen him wield it seldom few times, Al Alaqua continues to carry a large stone club – not tapered of with a handle, but a perfect cylinder, with a carved cap and iron ring (complete with three or four dangling links of chain) at one end, and broken chunk of what appears to be marble floor attached to the other. In reality, it seems as though this “club” is more of a column, a piece of architecture – perhaps a hitching post for a horse or camel, or some other beast.


Al Alaqua, The Outcast

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