Prince Zinlo

Prince of Aspenthar


Ambitious and charismatic, Zinlo has been known to negotiate unilaterally with Water Lords and foreign powers, actions which have earned him the reproach and study of the other four rulers of Thuvia. Although his city-state, Aspenthar, is second in size, wealth, and power, Zinlo is not so much jealous of Merab (first city in all those categories) as he is passionate about the direction Thuvia’s future takes. In the past, this was passed off as youthful zeal but now that he is no longer young many have grown wary of his attitude.

According to rumor, factions in Pashow unhappy with Emir Guldis‘s rulership have been plotting to place Prince Zinlo’s daughter, Ziralia, on Pashow’s throne in the current Emir’s stead.

Zinlo has mandated martial training and military service for all of Aspenthar’s citizens for the past few decades. A dozen years ago he launched an assault on Wyvern’s Roost using this conscript army. The attack was unsuccessful and resulted in many of the deaths of many of those sent.



Prince Zinlo

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