Bannon, The Northerner

Refugee. Mercenary. Forsaken.


“If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?”
~Anton Chigurh


Of below-average to average height, this middle-aged man is of clear northern descent. Judging by the tan of his face and arms, he has been subjected to the harsh Garundi sun for many months. His head is clean-shaven, protected from the elements by a white keffiyeh kept in place with a woolen agal. A patchwork of scars begins just above his beard, possibly grown to obfuscate the full extent of prior injuries.

He wears plain robes and sashes common to Thuvia, with a bandolier crossing down from his left shoulder to his right hip. Stocked within are crossbow bolts and some stranger form of ammunition. Multiple belt pouches and bags hang loosely from the sash around his gaunt waist, along with a blade and scabbard. Over top of the entire ensemble a tan duster rests stiffly, the weighting within it obvious at a glance.

On his back, he carries two instruments: The first is a common longbow. The second is a musket, though not of the rare few manufactured by the Gunworks of Akenstar. Curiously enough, it appears to be homemade. So far, the Northerner is content to rely upon it only when engaging unusually deadly foes.


The home of the Sun Orchid Elixir and its yearly auction guarantee a cosmopolitan population, but for the most part those that come to Thuvia do not stay for long. The inhospitable landscape and singular economy provide little reason to settle down, and those that do often serve a rare need otherwise unmet by native Thuvians. Why, then, a foreigner would attempt to make a life doing any manner of hired work here is not clear.

Those that have interacted with him have found a personable, if professional, exterior that refuses to engage in any deeper connections. Despite having worked within Thuvia for months (and it is said in Osirion for months before that), no one is even sure of his name, as he has often claimed such trivialities have no bearing on his ability to accomplish the tasks clients have hired him for. As a result, he is increasingly known simply as the “Foreigner” or more specifically “Northerner” within the local mercenary community.

Bannon, The Northerner

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