Demigod of Corruption


Ahriman is typically depicted as a huge, black-furred simian with six twisting horns, cloven hooves for feet, massive bat wings, and snakes rising from various parts of his body. His eyes and the runes etched into his horns are glow with an inner flame. He is the Demigod of Corruption and delights in twisting mortals and genie-kind, turning them to evil and tormenting them with knowledge of their fall.

In ancient times, the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues made a pact with Ahriman, building for him the House of Oblivion as part of the bargain. Ahriman brought with him an army of Divs, twisted and broken genies enslaved to his will. The demigod’s power was enough to break the Jistka Imperium by way of a magically engineered phage that wiped out much of Jistka’s ruling class. Ahriman later helped the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues to mummify himself alive, thereby gaining immortality. The next several decades were marked by Osirion’s aggressive imperialism, backed by the might of a demigod and the leadership of an immortal ruler.

Without warning, though, Ahriman suddenly withdrew his support, abandoning the Pharaoh to his own means, resulting in the god-king’s downfall. Ahriman, himself, has remained sequestered in the House of Oblivion for millenia, now, his purpose hidden from the world. Despite this, his agents remain active throughout Thuvia, whispering in the ears of its rulers and corrupting their intentions or else roaming the desert wastes, making the area utterly inhospitable and preying on whatever they choose.


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