Twisted Timelines


Those heroes accompanying the caravan across the desert met their end at business end of a roaming death worm, which, although it was slain, left their surviving members stranded in the desert. Unable to complete their true destinies, they never encountered the Alchemist, never fought by his side against an encroaching army of Divs, and were never caught in the fated catastrophic explosion of the Alchemist’s stockpile. As a result, no one was pulled across time and into the heart of the ancient Osirion/Jistka conflict, where they were meant to join the Song Pharaoh’s rebellion, assassinate the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues before his evil could be accomplished, and drive Ahriman back into Gehenna.

Instead, Ahriman and the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues conquered all of northern Garund, nearly dragging the rest of the world into their private war of ambition. The Pharaoh was ultimately only undone by the withdrawal of his ally and fell victim of his own pride. The now immortal god-king vanished before his rebelling populace could see him ultimately destroyed. Now two immortal dark powers lie dormant, hidden in the deserts of Garund.

With Ahriman’s continued presence in Thuvia, the Divs under his command were left with far greater power and free reign. Acting as agents for the demigod of corruption, they began subtly manipulating the nation, influencing the city states directly and indirectly. The noble ideals of the Elixir’s sale were swiftly lost, allowing virtually anyone with gold to purchase a phial. The increased dangers of travel in Thuvia proved catastrophic to the nation’s trade and its economy became even more dependent on the Elixir’s sale. Passhow’s power and influence would grow to dwarf those of the other four city-states. Aspenthar and Merab became ports more of strategic than economic value, and Thuvia’s attention turned far more towards militaristic and defensive interests. Still, none have tried to take the Elixir by force or even invaded Thuvia’s sovereign soil in any significant way.

Beyond the nation’s borders, the Living God, Razmir, has been easily able to discretely obtain the Sun Orchid Elixir. Without the investment of resources in its acquisition, Razmiran’s ruler was able to strike deeper into the River Kingdoms before an allied force drove him back to his present borders. Only an opportunity presented by Razmir’s temporary absence allowed the River Kingdoms to accomplish that victory.

South, in Garund, Lirgen’s crippling defeat at the hands of ancient Osirion forced Yamasa to become a military power, using its famous astrologers and seers to ensure victories, but leaving it a starving nation. When Osirion collapsed in on itself with the Pharaoh of Dark Plagues defeat, the Yamasarans annexed what remained of their northern neighbor and sister nation. They remained a power in Golarion, enforcing control over much of the Fever Sea and Arcadian Ocean right up until the Eye of Abendego Opened, when the nation’s gentry largely fled the country, the prophets committed mass suicide, and the rulers watched their lands drown and fleets be destroyed under the hurricane’s fury.


10th_King 10th_King

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