Northerner's Journal - 4 Neth

On Divs, an Abstract

4 Neth
Headaches: Returned today. Moderate severity.
Nightmare: Continuing. Unchanged.
Muscles: Stiffer than usual, but no serious change. Regular stretching continues to dull pain.
Miscellany: Engaged in altercation with Div today. Engaging from range remains noticeably less taxing.

With the band’s apprehension of Ashran, it would appear we have made an enemy (or curiosity) of some Div. Even the mage could see we were being toyed with when it struck. As a result, I’ve consulted several tomes and bestiaries within Pashow’s Temple of Nethys. I record my insights below:

“Divs are a categorical family by means of their common corruption, rather than any biological basis. Their original forms are unknown to this humble author, but it is certain that they come from before even the Starfall.” ~Emad ibn Faruk’s Treatise on Genies and Other Desert Wonders

“The magicks of my brothers did little to slow the beast. Electricity and acid, in particular, seemed only to slow its advance.” ~Confession of Abbas al Aziz, the Blue Traitor

“Divs, like many foul creatures who have turned from Her light, have no defense against one pure in thought and act. For lesser men without recourse, iron mined from the deepest depths serves as a poor, yet singular, alternative.” ~The Dawnflower’s Blade

Further, it seems each grouping of Div possesses a unique compulsion (possibly related to the corruption of their form? Or what invited the corruption in the first place?). I have tested one of the below and found great success. This information was gathered from an unknown text, the cover burned beyond recognition. It can be located along with the rest in the library at the Pashow temple of Nethys.

DoruA floating head. May come in many forms, but the one I have encountered personally is illustrated to the side. They are compelled to gather and hoard secrets. I used this compulsion to lure one into a clear trap that it was aware of, and though the cleric dealt it grievous wounds, it escaped.

Sand creature, humanoid, save its head. A gaping maw holds a single, massive eye within that shimmers with multiple colors. It is compelled to destroy forms of beauty. As it bestowed a curse of boils upon the cleric (most beautiful of the group), I believe this to also be true.

Sand Stalker, description missing. Compelled by challenges.

Sea Monster, description missing. Compelled by sound, specifically bells? Source script is damaged.

Description missing. Compelled by hatred of Genie.


10th_King Littimer

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