Nadira's Journal - 8 Neth

Desert Dangers

The expedition continues to prove more dangerous than I anticipated. In the three days since we left Pashow we have been forced to defend ourselves three times from various enemies. While we have prevailed thus far each time it is by a narrower margin. Despite having journeyed into the desert on numerous occasions before, I cannot remember being this hard pressed. I find myself wondering how many threats my master’s magic kept at bay that he never told me about.

Thankfully my own magic continues to grow as we continue our journey. The encounter with the wizard Ashran, and the acquisition of his spellbook, has opened my eyes to the workings of more directly disruptive spells that I did not previously have a reason to pursue. Indeed, the timely use of a multiphasic chromatic array has already saved my life once. Though, I am sure that master Gellius would have been quick to chastise me for forgetting the first rule of illusions during a recent combat with a sand elemental; visual distractions mean nothing to creatures without eyes.

That encounter has left me with a degree of apprehension. I had always considered an actual encounter with creatures closer to my own kin to be a remote possibility as there were no such encounters during previous expeditions. Although, if my current thinking is correct, the reasons for such a situation may not have been strictly statistical. I have for many years contented myself with a theoretical understanding of my heritage. I am not sure if I am ready to deal with what I really come from.

And yet, my companions were very accepting when they learned what I am. While their ways are still perplexing to me I feel that I can trust these strangers more than the people I grew up with. Which is disturbing considering one is a half-vampire.

Perhaps the Northerner is right; I am too naive to be out here.


10th_King MysticGundam

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