Hasim's Journal - 3 Neth

Divs Without, Demons Within

. . .

Returning to the Inn, the ambush struck; a div and its wretched familiar. Alaqua was struck down, I was cursed with boils, and the beast escaped justice. Praise be that by the church and Her mercy I was cured, and praise them too for taking up the task of finding the beast. We were overmatched to be sure. It is by a grace beyond me why we survived at all.

. . .

Restoring Alaqua is difficult. Positive energy seers him, only negative energy revives. In the morning I will pray for aid that I might give it in kind. We found a flask of blood on his hip. We must confront him, find out how he came by it. I’ve sought wisdom in these pages, and the truth is clear: if it came unwillingly, the deed is a black one. I will pray for compassion and decision in fair measure. I have not lost hope for him. His bravery in the ambush speaks volumes toward his character.

. . .

Seemi and the town guard both proved generous in rewarding our deeds. We had Seemi in a bad spot for negotiation. I am glad to go with the man. To be paid a better amount is welcome, and needed: but this life of adventure is sometimes so inglorious. The songs never sing of how the glorious hero managed to feed his camel or keep sharp his sword during the months in-between. I hope there are no bad feelings over business. I am confident that he has paid a fair price for a good group: never have I seen four strangers find teamwork with such ease. The captain of the guard will see me again in four weeks. He has promised me a drink if I survive the desert. I will accept it when we all six of us survive. I feel I can rely on myself. The greater glory is in proving reliable to these six new friends.

. . .

“Darkness is older than Light. It runs deep, unseen. To see the Shadow is to bring it into the Light.”
Light and Truth


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