Ambushed and robbed, but not beaten

Welcome to Pashow

Amidst preparations and festivities readying for the coming Auction, each of you responded to a notice posted by Seemi Qadi and calling for those brave enough to seek “gold and glory” in the Thuvian desert. No sooner were you, along with an elf and a halfling named Sami, hired by Seemi, then you were ambushed by thugs and thieves. Whilst combat ensued, your employer’s carefully hand-drawn map was stolen. You were able to dispatch all the muggers, but not before the map was passed off to an invisible mage waiting on a nearby rooftop. Interrogation revealed that it was the local hedge-wizard Ashran who desired the item.

Meanderings and personal discoveries eventually brought you to the wizard’s tower, where guards and traps utterly failed to halt your quest to reclaim the valuable parchment. Even Ashran himself yielded to your threats, allowing himself to be bound and handed over to the authorities. He made an effort to bribe each of you after it was revealed he was a member of the Usiij, but none of you were so easily taken in.

Now, two of the city watch are escorting you, along with Ashran and one of his hirelings, back to the Sarac-Inn, where Seemi waits, eager to get on with his quest to find and sell a sun orchid.


The first of many successful, coordinated, and death-free adventures!

10th_King 10th_King

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