Al Alaqua's Journal, 9th Neth

The Div Woman came to me in a dream. The others say she came to all of them as well. She came to Nadira – I know this. I have seen the look in her eyes. Perhaps the Northman. Hasim, for the first time since our meeting, I am suspicious of. When a man makes that much clamor over a thing, the thing is usually a mirage.

The woman predicted a pit. The wagon would pull ahead, she said, and the others would be attacked by a beast in a pit which would try and eat them up. I saw this happen to Hasim. She was right. She was seen things. But this does not mean she knows the minds of men.

But it does not mean she does not, either.

Maybe the woman was right. Maybe the mean to trap me. Maybe they only see me as an animal, like a jackal or falcon – trained to hunt with, or a mule, to carry their burdens, or a dog, to watch over them at night. They would not be the first. She said I should wait until they were weak and strike, like a predator, like “I was born to be”. And she is right – they would not be the first to learn from the mistake of using me as such. But if I do this thing, am I not just what they are using me as? Are they not right? If I striker at them like and animal and they are my friends, then I am a wild beast, and deserve death. And if I do not strike, and they are using me as such, then I can always strike later, and otherwise I will be dead – and it matters not. And if I do not strike, and it turns out they are my friends, then it is all for the best.


10th_King ChiaroscuroLife

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